We Promise to Entertain, Inform & Prosper You!


We believe in Motivation but we also believe in Meditation so we are starting another channel called Surround Meditations. Surround Meditations is where music and real world sounds collide to bring you the ultimate relaxation experience.


The Total Change Experience is a live (1) day event with Peak Performance Expert Prince. He has discovered a unique way to unlock the hidden power within that eliminates excuses, redesign your life, and set goals correctly. You'll achieve massive success faster than you've ever imagined. We will Entertainment you, Shift your Mind to Greatness and Leave you Prosperous you…


What is the purpose of the T.C. Experience Event?
The purpose of the Total Change Experience Event is to help people eliminate excuses, set goals correctly and unleash the power of their internal blue print. This event is going to be a real game changer. We are going to introduced you to a unique technique and strategy, that when used correctly and consistently will cause you to reach your full potential and obtain happiness, success and prosperity faster than you've ever imagined. You will also discover how to start a business doing something you love and where to find people to pay you for your product or service. So If you are ready to create your "Best
Life" or take it to the next level, REGISTER TODAY..!
If you are ready to eliminate excuses, redesign your life and achieve your hearts desires, this event is for you!
We Promise to Entertain, Inform, and  leave You Prosperous. This event is a Game Changer... You Won't Be Disappointed!
This event is going to be interactive for the purpose of Shifting your Mind to Greatness. Register Now... You'll Be Glad You Did!!
Doors open at 6:30 PM. - the event starts at 7:00 PM Sharp!
As a supervisor I have to say that Prince has shown me how to build a successful team. I highly recommend this event
Prince speaks was very inspiring. Our organization always look for powerful seminars to attend and this one has definitely been added to our list
I'm considered a specialist for the company I work for and I must say that Prince and his guest given me a new tactic and strategy towards growth and success!
As an organizer I have benefited from many seminars but none have come close to the value I received from Prince and this event!
They told me this was their first event, I find that hard to believe, it was so professionally done and Prince and his guest speakers were Powerful!
Even though Prince is a new up and coming speaker, he has a unique way of awakening new ideas into your soul. He and his guest speakers ROCK!
The Total Change Experience was surprisingly impressive, and Prince Speaks was Awesome and very insightful!
This seminar was one of the best life changing events I ever been to. It was extremely Powerful and Prince was very insightful!
Prince is a great speaker and was very inspiring. The Total Change Experience was awesome!" I highly recommend this event!